We at Compass Boats take great care of our products and our aim is to make customers feel proud to be a member of the ever growing Compass Boats family. In order to do so, we carefully design, construct and sell our products through our selected dealer network. All materials used are from well-known and established companies in the boating industry and all have CE certificates.

All latest models are produced using the “s4” construction method which utilizes an extra molded part that is bonded to the hull, prior to the deck. This part is designed with extra care and is unique for every model we produce. It incorporates the stringers and stiffeners needed in every marine construction, and forms the space inside cabinets.

The main advantages of this construction system are:

  • Extra rigid and robust construction
  • Unsinkable feature
  • Shiny gel-coated internal spaces easy to clean
  • Maximization of internal storage space
  • Minimization of wood

We closely collaborate with “MEKY” for the design of our boats, and “HRS” and other independent third party organizations for the inspection and certification of our boats according to module “B” of directive 2013/53/EU. Our boats are tested in real marine environment and undergo tests and inspections before they reach you.