More than five decades of experience and knowledge on boatbuilding.

Since the founding of the company, and for over 50 years, the basic principle of Compass Boats is to offer its customers a high quality well built boat that will give them trouble-free and carefree moments of joy and leisure making them very proud owners.

Always committed to this goal, and in order to achieve and ensure it, we give great importance to the initial design of our boats and to all stages of their construction during the production process, from gel-coat and lamination to final assembly, following and faithfully adhering to a set of rules and strict specifications. All raw materials as well as all the accessories we use, are supplied by the most reputable companies in the boating industry and of course having all the necessary CE certificates.

The great differentiation of Compass boats, that makes them top both in cruising and durability as well as in safety and robustness, lies in the fact that they are built exclusively with the “Compass S4” method. According to it, a third separate molded part is used on the boat which is bonded to the hull before its final hull and deck bond. This extra part is designed with great detail and attention, it is unique for each model and incorporates all the reinforcing structure and the storage space inside the cabinets.

The main advantages of the construction with the “S4” method are:

• Creates an extremely rigid and robust construction
• Unsinkable feature
• Increases internal storage.
• Creates smooth and glossy storage spaces which not only give the boat a visibly higher quality, but also become very easy to clean.
• Minimize the use of wood.

We collaborate with “MEKY”, and with other independent bodies, for the design, inspection and certification of our vessels, in accordance with section “B + C” of Directive 2013/53 / EU. All tests are carried out in a real marine environment in order to ensure maximum security, but also to accredit all those elements that will contribute to the maximum satisfaction of their owner.



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